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1896 - born on Dec. 1, in the town of Kazanluk, in the family of the industrialist Grouyu Petkov Stainov and Anka Stainova. This is where he spends his early childhood years, together with his two junior brothers, Zahari and Stoyan, and his sister Penka, the youngest child. The summers he passes†in his grandfatherís farm in the village of Ovoshtnik.

1902 - at the age of 6, he accidentally injures one of his eyes. It begins suffering and gradually loses its strength. Soon afterwards the other eye begins ailing irreversibly. Eleven years old, Petko Stainov becomes blind with both eyes.

1906 - enrolls in the newly opened (1905) Institute for the Blind in Sofia.

1907 - while in the Institute, studies the flute with Dimitur Hadjigeorgiev and Nikola Stefanov, the violin with Schwertner, and harmony with Kraus.

1912 - begins studying the piano with Mila Buchvarova.

1913-1915 - studies the piano with Andrei Stoyanov and participates actively in the Instituteís choir and orchestra under the leadership of Mihail Shekerdjiev and Nikola Stefanov.

1915 - graduates from the Institute for the Blind. Succeeds in mastering the Braille system for the blind in both Bulgarian and German and later uses it throughout his entire life.